14 February, 2009

change of plans

i have been looking forward to a girl trip this weekend. one sister, valerie, is combining business with a quick visit in fort dodge. naphtali, aidan and i were going to have a slumber party at the other sister's (andrea) on friday night and join valerie at mother's in fort dodge on saturday. i was thinking hobby lobby, spinach dip etc and was packed and ready to make the 7 hour drive on friday morning.

we had a snow storm.
i shoveled about 6-8 inches yesterday. reports are that everyone else made it and is having a good time.
the up side to having your plans ruined by a snow storm is that now you have a snow day which in my book means free, unaccounted-for time of my own. multiplied by the i-wasn't-even-supposed-to-be-here exponent and there should be no question of productive, run-of-the-mill tasks. no laundry. no cleaning. leave the bed unmade...

read. lounge. nap. those were my plans as i sent tim off to work yesterday.
he called me 3 times during the day. i was asked to write out the bills and get them in the mail. i made (a very good) chicken rice soup. i called andrea, my mom and naphtali to fill them in on the latest. and marg to cancel the plans for taking care of charlie at noon. there was no nap. i shoveled.
i had a harry bosch home for the day and barely finished 2 chapters.
today is off to a much better start, an earlier start than i would have liked, but better.


Anonymous said...

We wish you were here.

Valerie said...

It took me almost 4 hours to drive from Omaha to DSM....you made the right choice.

downthegardenpath said...

i'm glad everyone else made it and hope you've had a good time. we'll make it happen another time.