08 February, 2009

the tale continues

this nifty cart had been used at the nursing home to move rolls of carpet. maybe we should submit this to real simple's new uses for old things? it really made the job go easier.

tj and cameron taking a well deserved break. these 'stumps' were later cut down and left pretty much intact for milling.

as mentioned previously access was an issue as the trees sat in the middle of the yards. what couldn't be carried was carted or rolled to the nearest gate to be loaded on the trailer. timk made 5? 6? trips to the dump with the stuff too small for firewood. he used a tractor to lift the big ones over the fence and then down the alley to the trailer.

speaking as someone who has trouble backing out of my driveway it was fascinating to watch timk maneuver the loaded tractor through the tight turn and down the alley.


Valerie said...

I flunked backing up in driver's ed and so am very familiar with driver's envy.

Is there a plan for Saturday? Mine is that I will arrive at Donna's by 11:00 and then will leave on Sunday no later than 1:00. Hope this works for everyone and that the weather stays "nice."

downthegardenpath said...

for me it will depend somewhat on andrea...i know that mom works saturday and so was planning for probably around 2 to give her a chance to catch her breath before we descend so you can either push your arrival back or have a quiet lunch and relax.

Valerie said...

Good to know. I think a quiet lunch and relaxing sounds like the best option. Until soon...