07 February, 2009

quite a day!!

my main regret with the following pictures is that it is impossible to really give you the scale of what happened here on friday. it was simply a big job. big trees, big piles of limbs (thankfully, all tree limbs) BIG piles of limbs! no one was hurt. none of the surrounding structures were damaged. everyone played nice. it was a perfect day hitting the mid 60s in the afternoon with little or no wind. and i hope no one minds me saying this about a day of hard work but it was a fun day with plenty of good natured banter and laughter.
tim keiser, his son tj, daughter jayde, cameron frazho, pat larson and tim were the main crew. jill ostergard (pat's sister)and her 6 year old grandson, dawson, came by just to check things over and dawson wanted to help so they spent a good part of their day with us also. there will be pictures of dawson later - he was a good worker!! you won't see me in the pictures but i was part of the clean-up crew.

the power lines to both our house and our neighbor's ran through the trees so timk had contacted the city asking if they would lower the lines giving us (i say 'us' meaning the guys)(pronouns are going to be a bit casual throughout this report) one less thing to worry about. (you can see a good picture of tim and the power lines in the previous post - just scroll down)

we got started around 8:30 with the city guys lowering the power lines, which we had expected them to do. they also used the cherry picker to cut the top of the biggest tree - which was unexpected and very much appreciated.

this probably gives the best idea of just what those trees looked like. access was another factor- both yards are fenced with standard size entry gates.

this is the first branch down, courtesy of jason anderson in the bucket.
check back tomorrow for another installment.


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Garnetrose said...

Looks like you had quite a job on your hands.

Valerie said...

What a project! Great photos and descriptions.

I am finalizing plans for my trip. Am flying into Omaha on Friday afternoon. Renting a car and driving to DSM. Barb is coming with me to FD on Saturday morning. We will return to DSM on Sunday as she has to work and I have an appt with dermotologist early in the morning. Looking forward to seeing you....

downthegardenpath said...

can't help but notice we haven't seen any action on your end....
i'm still planning to overnight with andrea on friday and then fd saturday/sunday. head for home monday. unless her plans change naphtali and aidan will be along, too. should be good. see you then.

Valerie said...

I worry about myself sometimes! Just re-posted my message on your posting today.

See you, Napthali and Aidan on Saturday. Am looking forward to the visit and thanks for making it happen.