12 September, 2010

24 Hours

12:30 Saturday
I returned from work to find this project started.
12:30 Sunday
It all started with the hail storm in July.  We had broken windows, chipped siding and paint and so Tim spent Labor Day, well, laboring.  The plan was to replace the two broken windows, which meant that he should paint first, which meant he had to sand out the hail chips and he made a good start with all this on Sunday, but by the time the sun came around to the west side of the house where he was working, he was forced to call it a day.  That weekend was a scorcher!  He started in again Monday. 
 The front is painted, the windows are in but not trimmed. 
And that brings us back to the jackhammer.....
If you're going to paint this side, it makes sense to fix (demo) the concrete slab, which slants to the house, first.  We had talked (in pretty general terms) about removing the wrought iron railings and updating the look of the entrance and you know how one thing leads to another, projects need to be tackled in order etc etc etc.  Here we are.  Tim has worked hard and I've helped as I could.  Actually, throwing the chunks of concrete around is rather cathartic..... 
We put in a long, full day of demolition and removal.  I tried the jackhammer, just to say I've handled one, and this morning the top layer, about 10 inches, was gone.


Valerie said...

Big changes, lots of progress.

Valerie said...
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