22 January, 2010


For what ever mysterious reason that brings one particular (peculiar?) item or line of thought to the fore, this week it has been timestamps. The question of post times was raised by one, commented on by another and since then, very much on my mind.
I had mentioned in a previous post that my daily routines have been re-arranged. Yesterday morning I looked at the clock, it registered quarter of, I could hear Tim in the shower, so I figure "why wait for the alarm (set for the top of the hour)- might as well get up". Which I did. Had my glass of water and logged in to see what was going on at school. Tim comes out dressed for work, gives me (what I thought was) a funny look and says something along the lines of 'you don't need to work so hard at this, it'll be ok, you can dial it back a notch' (which I thought was a funny thing to say). We exchanged goodbye - see you tonight - drive carefully, (more fog! I could use some sunshine) I posted a comment on a discussion thread and glanced at the timestamp - 5:18AM. No wonder Tim looked at me funny!! That explains the cryptic remarks. (Why was he leaving the house at 5:00!?) My alarm is set for 6:00 - my foggy brain only registered one of the hands!! Aiyiyi
I finished what I was doing - not much as it turns out and decided Tim was right. I didn't need to be 'at it' this early. Should I go back to bed? Nap in the basement so Charlie could sit with me? Go back to bed.....I chose to read (peruse really) in the basement so Charlie could sit with me. I was able to get this through an interlibrary loan. It is very much a thumb-through-and-enjoy kind of book. The photos are stunning.
Today will be spent getting a start on a couple writing assignments. Laundry. Cleaning. Waiting for some sunshine.....

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