16 January, 2010

this week

it's been a long week. charlie finds himself keeping new hours to keep up with me. those early morning starts take some adjustment....for both of us. it's been 6:00 or earlier everyday since classes started. exercise, breakfast, and at the computer by 7. with warm weather we've been out walking several times this week and should manage 2 more this weekend.
this must have been tuesday night. there is a package to mail to aidan, my notebook, assorted papers, econ textbook.
i'm finding a rhythm to the whole thing. up early for exercise and breakfast, log in to check updates and respond to class threads. read. write. think. laundry. think. pack lunch for work. work. check for new posts when i get home. dishes. read.

the first couple days it was the mechanics/process of the system that flummoxed me. that first morning i made the mistake of opening every window, every drop-down menu - ayiyi!! I'd done the online orientation. it was thorough but simply couldn't cover all the ?? running through my brain as i tried to absorb this foreign environment.
the next day was easier. each day has been easier. i can concentrate on class content rather than tabs and windows.

here's something i never thought i'd see. five years!!
last night we enjoyed steak and shrimp at the city's employee appreciation dinner. each year the city throws a shindig to recognize the various departments and the work done to keep this place running.
so i'm off to do the delicate wash, log in at school and get this day rolling!!


On Second Street said...

wow mom! SOunds like quite an adjusment process but I am sure you will have it all figured out soon. And congrats! See- it pays to live in one place for a few years in a row! Are you going to frame it?

downthegardenpath said...

frame it!? that would mean i'd have to remember where i've already stashed it....
thanks for the encouragement.

Valerie said...

Congratulations! Of course you must frame it. Congratulations also on the completion of your first week of classes, making Blackboard your new bff, and your new early rising routine. (I saw your posting on une femme timestamped prior to 6:00 am and was properly impressed.) 2010 is definitely going to be your year.

downthegardenpath said...

aww shucks! you say the nicest things!
seriously - thanks for the support and encouragement.

On Second Street said...

come now, maybe my mom has just learned how to auto-post........ then you can timestamp it with any time you want! That's what I do. Do you think I am really posting at 6:00 am??????

downthegardenpath said...

autopost!? the time you see on any of my entries is real time.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ilona,

Your blog is fun! I will mark it so I can enjoy it without feeling guilty about homework that is in progress instead of finished!

"See" you in class!

Linda Weberg