25 January, 2010


This year the traditional scarlet amaryllis just didn't sound appealing. The package is long gone so I can't even tell you what this delicate beauty is named.
The veining is a subtle pink - I think I've captured it. Finding a dark background for the photo was a bit tricky.

Tim was supposed to take it to work today but the wind howled ferociously all through the night and continues, even now, (though the sun is finally shining!!) so i'm not sure if it would have survived the trip. I can enjoy it for another day.
I started the amaryllis before Christmas. I picked up a box of paperwhites from the clearance section after Christmas - they are juuuust starting to show a bit of green....

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Bethany said...

These are so lovely...what a treat in the middle of winter. Even though they're inside, it seems so strange that little plants are opening up and greeting the world when it's SO very cold and snowy!