09 November, 2009

where to start?!

they always say to begin at the begining....to be kind i should skip this first installment but it is just too good a story. we're on the plane - well into our flight - when tim goes to retrieve something from his computer bag. no computer. my mind flashes back to the announcement i heard as i sat down after exiting the security checkpoint. "would the passenger who left a laptop...." and my immediate reaction of "what kind of idiot walks off...." so we're laughing. he didn't hear them say they were removing the laptop.....
he made a couple phone calls when we landed and it should be waiting in the lost and found when we return to omaha.

the flights were unremarkable. i think, though, that the mysteries of flight are challenged by the delicacy with which the pilots manuever their crafts on the ground.

the descent, and subsequent take-off, at newark was wonderful. glimmering serpentine waterways. fields of velvet and corduroy. countless baseball diamonds - countless!! the empire state building, brooklyn bridge and statue of liberty!!
i saw central park. i saw an incredible array of shipping containers at the docks. i saw ferries and tugs and laden barges making their way through the sound.
i watched sky and water compete in mimicry as the wakes left by various vessels mirrored the skiff of clouds hanging on a low horizon. other clouds sat like whitecaps against the surface of the water that reflected blue in the morning sun.

my family can attest that i'm not one to crane my head and gawk so i am thankful to have had the window seat both times and took full advantage of the privilege.

jacob and kate are well. they've done an excellent job with plans and preparations. we ate a delicous saag paneer cooked by jacob that first night. delicious omelets to get us on our way for boston the next morning,and that will be the next post - with pictures.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

Glad you are having a good time. Saag paneer..mmm... Glad you were able to locate the laptop. Dis dad able to function without it?