16 November, 2009

more of boston

we saw our fair share of cemeteries - this one included benjamin franklin's parents, john hancock, paul revere and 'mother' goose. stones were found piled on top of several markers replicating the idea of stone cairns. the artistry of the old markers is breath taking but i admit i have a limit to how many i want to visit
this statue marks the entrance to a 'green' which abuts old north church.

it's spire is visible behind the outstretched hand but didn't photograph well..

our tour route took us to paul revere's home,(his workshop was in another location) (this was their courtyard garden) wound through pub street, little italy, (several blocks of aromatic restaurants), faneuil hall/market where we lunched in a basement sea food dive. delish!
this is the organ from old north church. we enjoyed seeing the family boxes which in their time were available for a price. several were quite well padded. our family's practice has always been to come early and take the last row - a privilege we may have had to pay dearly for to outbid the latecommers.
i appreciated the graceful blend of history and contemporary life evidenced by this bridge. of course, the other extreme exists too, including a ruth's chris steakhouse in what had been the old city hall, graced by a statue of benjamin franklin, the first statue cast in 'common' clothes (as oppossed to classical robes).
i'll finish tomorrow with the harbor, and a few leftovers. i do regret the many wonderful photos i didn't take......


MommaMindy said...

Love the pics and the stories. It makes me feel like I am there. Thanks for taking the time to post, it's like you're taking the rest of us on vacation with you.

Valerie said...

I am enjoying the trip through your eyes. You did a great deal in one day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Boston! One of the most interesting piaces I've ever beento.

Jakob said...

Glad you liked the trip so well! seems to have made quite an impression with all the stories you soaked up! I remember all that stuff, but thats cause i have a mind like a steel trap....guess i got it from somewhere, eh?

downthegardenpath said...

steel trap, eh?? i'm glad to finally get credit for something....stop back to see the rest of the trip.