14 May, 2009

loose ends

this is my pathway. i still have to sink those last few bricks but in my mind it is done.

at this time last year most of this space was grass. the bed along the wall existed but it was a narrow space, straight and cramped. i dug out the grass myself. created the path. hauled the dirt for the middle and have now laid the brick. tim offered to level the last few but i thanked him and turned him down - i want all the bragging rights on this one.
there were peony along the wall with that rock ledge holding a bush of some sort which we replaced with a redtwig dogwood. i had added astilbe, columbine, anemone, daylilies, daffodils, alium (the mystery plant!),iris and coral bells. this year from marilyn's garden i've added ladies mantle, dianthus, plumaneria, cranesbill, varigated iris, icantha, along with lavendar and daisies. i can't wait for everything to fill in.