27 May, 2009

long weekend/gloomy morning

i left friday for iowa. i left my camera home. for those of you who need illustrations to keep your attention you can quit now - no hard feelings. i understand.

for the rest of you - i started at my sister andrea's: love what she and mike are doing/have done to the house. such beautiful work. naphtali and aidan arrived late and we had a fun morning with a kitten, trampoline, sunshine, conversation, garden plans, dog baths and a car washing (thanks again!). she left for work. we (naphtali, aidan and i)went to the cemetery in hampton and then on to fort dodge. more visiting. another late night. sunshine again the next morning, actually it was a lovely spring morning. we did a few outside projects for this grandma, who then left for des moines. we went to the cemetery and on to visit the other grandma. another late night.
the trip home was uneventful. tim had been busy here. i came back with a sore throat which quickly blossomed into a full head cold and spent much of yesterday on the couch. it had rained several times over the weekend,
all day tuesday and should again shortly.
my iris are in full bloom.

everything is green and vibrant.
i work at noon......
the columbine are especially lovely this year. they need some sunshine to show their best in a picture.

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Anonymous said...

i love all your flowers i had cut some fresh iri's also and put them on the dining table but yes they go fast but are just gorgeous.....love all your stuff it looks beautiful, bet the visit with kate and jacob was fun....andrea