04 May, 2009


we finally had a decent day - one that i was actually home to enjoy - on saturday. things are growing. it seems like you can measure growth from one day to the next. we've had rain and the colors are simply popping!!
these tulpis are under the mailbox and the lovliest shade of pink. i'll try to get a better picture in tomorrow.

this is one of my mystery plants. i can't wait for it to open.

i spent a lot of time weeding on saturday but my big project was this:
last spring i dug out another piece of yard making a flower bed in the center and preparing a horseshoe shaped path. we couldn't decide on the material for the path so i covered it with newspaper and landscaping fabric and let it sit. it's now brick. or will be by the end of the week. it started raining in the late afternoon and all day sunday. i have about 10 rows to finish. unfortunately, (you were waiting for an unfortunately weren't you?) as we were using old brick already around the house - we were short. the last 10 rows, remember? not too much of a problem.
knowing they would, at a minimum, look new we knew that i would have to pull old bricks from random spots and fill in with the new. extra work but do-able. when i looked at the brick tim returned with the next day i could have cried. or cursed. they are about an inch taller than what we have. i not only have to pull 'a' random brick, i have to pull 3 or 4 to dig a deeper spot for the new one to fit level. i could have cried. and may yet. and yes - it was all they had. tomorrow the garden club is going out to the home of a friend - a master gardener- who has graciously offered to share some of her splits with us. marilyn has incredible plants and i'm planning to fill spots in my beds around the new(and it is pretty cool) brick path with some shade plants.....


Anonymous said...

I am anxiously awaiting a blog on the bikes and an update on Tim's and your biking escapades. I have purchased a bike. Yes, quite an expense, but well worth it. Your flowers and path are coming along quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

Nice tulips