17 August, 2008

happy birthday, james

today i'm sending birthday greetings to our son-in-law, james. i'll have to admit that i'm short on pictures of james. nothing intentional. (i have very few of naphtali either) but they've both made observations along the line that they take second place to a particular little guy...but you can see james here. james is a good dad. he holds his own with naphtali, is an accomplished international student/traveler and he has our good will and continued best wishes.


BlogWithinABlog said...

Hey, wanted to say thanks for the b-day present. I was just assembling my new hiking poles yesterday. Bought them for Naphtali as a spur of the moment gift but she didn't find them too exciting. Assuming she'll end up getting to use them more as they even have mini-shock absorbers. The ultimate in comfort. Looking forward to using them on the trails.

Abby said...

This is great info to know.