04 August, 2008

9:00 monday morning

i'm waiting for my straw
berries to warm up so i can eat my breakfast. i've walked charlie, watered, weeded, planted a few things, swept the patio, taken out garbage, got a letter ready for aidan, checked my email, (checked tim's email) looked at everyone's blog, done my blogging, you get the idea.....and it's 9:00 monday morning. i do work afterwhile and the blood bank is in town today, tim needs bananas, i have leaves to paint tonight, a load of clothes to wash....so i guess the tone for the day has been set.

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

aidan's letter came. thanks. and the package, well, i am getting savvier, and I opened the letter outside. you know the old saying... "fool me once...."