29 June, 2011

Time out!

I've been working on algebra and need a break...

The energy involved in preparing for this weekend's visit to Grimes is a bit elevated compared to last week's visit because we have an offer!  The closing date will be decided in conjunction with the appraisal,  but the end is in sight.
It seems a good time to share the following:

Our house is the little red X,  Tim's place will be at the asterisk, and the library has a gold star.  While Kennybrook is under construction Tim is situated in an office at the bank.  He's carrying his lunch and walking.

A bedside table, more kitchen stuff, laundry hamper, paint chips, my big mirror, and whatever else can be squeezed in, will make the trip this time.  It's surprising how much the honda can hold even after you factor in space for Charlie.  Last week I took a cabinet, garden hose and watering can, lawn spreaderthingie and grass seed, step stool, large metal tub, towels, bathroom supplies, several boxes, pictures, Charlie, his bed and supplies for the week, 2 suitcases, shelf paper, scissors, glue gun and more.

  I've been gathering items to pack along this weekend and diligently working on my algebra.  Charlie went swimming this morning.  Some of us are having more fun than others....


Valerie said...

Oh, Ilona! Fingers and toes, fingers and toes!

On a totally unrelated topic, have I told you how much I like Maggie Alderson? How did you come across her?

downthegardenpath said...


My best guess is that I found Maggie through a link from Imogene.