27 June, 2011

The best intentions...

I honestly had good intentions - the best intentions - for taking photos this past week.  The first few days, I will admit were simply spent in a funk.  The dreary weather mirrored my malaise and no pictures were taken.

Charlie and I ventured further north for an overnighter to attend a soccer game in which Aidan 
scored the first goal!  Rain eventually cut the match short but it was a delight to hear little voices saying "sorry" as the kids jostled one another.  Or watch as play continued, in spite of the ref's whistle.  At times they would all bunch up together around the ball - it and the kids at a standstill.  Then somehow, soundlessly, they would formulate a plan, step back and allow a mysteriously designated someone enough space to start kicking and moving the ball again.
 It was a fun event.  I have to wonder, though, at what point these kids will become athletes, with a corresponding shift in attitude.  The schedule runs through July, so maybe I can take in another match later.
They did work hard and the rain was soooo cold.
Naphtali and Aidan did come down to Grimes for a few days.  I left for Nebraska on Friday but Grandpa took them to Adventureland and it sounds as though a good time was had by all.  

I will return to Grimes with another load of stuff this weekend.  I will try (reallreally hard) to document this run with photos.

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Valerie said...

Thanks for the post. Maybe Aidan's generation of athletes will figure out how to truly be sporting. One can hope...