02 February, 2011

Intrepid II

Lest I seem unbalanced (I know, I know) in my reporting, here is the rest of the story concerning the ladies who coffee:

They are the backbone of this community.

They quilt, vote, volunteer, and donate.  They deliver meals-on-wheels to those who need them. They prepare funeral suppers for their dear friends.  They mentor and volunteer for CASA.  They provide and serve  delicious homemade vegetable beef soup, cookies, and sandwiches to close to 200 people for the Red Cross blood drives (one reason we always have such a good turnout). They teach sunday school and shepherd the MOPs kids (and their mothers).  They show up for basketball and football games, track meets, concerts, plays and recitals, making sure their grandkids (and their grandkids' friends) have someone to applaud and smile at the appropriate time. They are no stranger to city council meetings.  Or to racy stories.  Some of them were teaching country schools when they were 16 or 17 years old.  They've said goodbye to parents, husbands and children.  They know how to work hard, and when to start again.  They know the value of laughter and the need for tears.

The coffee doesn't have to be fresh, just keep it coming  - kind of like these ladies.

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Valerie said...

Thanks for this post...well-written, descriptive and thoughtful. Makes one want to go old(er.)

Valerie said...

Er...that should be "grow" old(er.)