18 November, 2010


All the catching up is done.  I am officially caught up and have only my current workload for classes!  The travel was great, but it does get complicated when juggling deadlines. 
Registration for spring semester started this week.

Thanksgiving is next week.

Charlie won't step on manhole covers when we walk.

I was hoping to see meteoroids this morning.  I didn't.

Thanksgiving is next week.

Family wedding in October 2011.

I've started wearing long pants to walk to the gym in the mornings.  CCCCold at 5:00.

Also ccccold at bedtime - I've added another layer of light-ish blankets.

Thanksgiving is next week.

Yoga pants and hoodies. Turtlenecks.

I need color.

I need stronger light.

Dishwashers are wonderful!  Or maybe I'm just in that honeymoon stage - but why has it taken me 5 years to discover the delights of dishwashers!?

For whatever reason, I started using my dishwasher for storage when we moved into this house 5 years ago During a recent marathon weekend of kitchen work I was looking for options.  General strike, paper plates, something!  While we were at Jacob and Kate's, watching them load their dishwasher,  I had the classic enlightened moment - I have a dishwasher!  On our return home, school work and laundry shared that first day's busyness with finding a spot for the things stashed in my dishwasher. If I move this stuff here, then that stuff has to go.... Where is the soap the previous owner left behind?  (honestly, who keeps 1/2 a bottle of cascade for 5 years?)  But there it was...
For my birthday, Tim found a pretty little red-bound French English dictionary at the Goodwill.  I keep it at my desk and you'd be surprised how many times I've used it!


Anonymous said...

So, after 5 years, the dishwasher takes precendence over the disposal. Who would have thought. I remeber someone telling me they prefered a disposal over a dishwasher. Just a note family wedding will not be in October, it will be possibly in June due to the two of them having intense language classes in Sept. and Oct. And for the bigger surprise, in the midwest and near Omaha. Still traveling to HI in the fall. You are welcome to join us.

downthegardenpath said...

I remember that conversation, too. I still appreciate my disposal. But this is an expansive time in my life, and I feel there is room for more than one major appliance infatuation... What it comes down to, is I've decided there are better ways to spend my time.

Near Omaha! In the summer?! Sounds do-able.

bethany said...

I just bought a French English dictionary too! How odd! Mine is a 1934 edition, and its soooo gorgeous. Sadly, I have to snip it up for school purposes. What a bummer! Are you learning French? :)

I, however, have not bought a dishwasher. :( Beyond jealous over your rediscovery of your dishwasher. One of my friends did the same as you--she's had one for two years and cannot even remember how to use it, and simply uses it as storage! I've asked her if I can bring my dishes over and wash them there. :)