08 April, 2009


a fast moving snowstorm went through here saturday night while we were enjoying aidan's birthday weekend in minneapolis. the snowball began, innocently enough, with a phone message after our return on monday night. said message was dutifully,though inaccurately, delivered and started the whole mess in motion. thinking that my 2:00 meeting was now going to be held at 10 i rearranged my whole day and upon my late (uncharacteristic) arrival saw no cars and got that first little tingle of dread....
i don't mean to go through the day blow by blow but will give you an idea of what was involved throughout the next few hours. no groceries. no ironing. no walk. a cracked windshield. disconnected flower show planning . water in the basement. lots of water. sopping wet towels. emptying a closet. the bathtub drain. fans. dehumidifiers. broken nails from tearing up floor tiles. and this morning the neighborhood woodpecker found our house!!
deep breath.
the groceries are now in the cupboard. the ironing will wait a few more days. i'm on my way to work and because naphtali posted all the good pictures from our visit (we did have a very good time)i'll close with my first daffodils

and my spring-y new flats.


Secondstreetdesigns said...

water? where in the basement? did the sump pump fail or something?

Jakob said...

What cute shoes.