15 April, 2009

gomer pyle

surprise! surprise! surprise!
i honestly don't remember planting crocus. at all. no bells are ringing here.
as more and more green is poking through my as-yet-untouched winter debris i'm realizing that i did a very poor job of 'recording' my flower beds last season.
in previous years new plants/placements were documented with photos and a chart. oh well - i guess it's going to be a surprise season ......
you can see that i marked these bulbs with bamboo skewers - and while i'm pretty sure i planted daffodils there only time will tell.

i have no recollection of adding tulips to this particular bed but here it is. the leaves in front of it have me guessing, as well.
they're awfully narrow for tulip leaves. i know they're not iris. another surprise in the making.
peonies and iris are about 6 inches tall. columbine is filling out. yarrow starting to take shape. if i could just get a good work day out there!


Valerie said...

Maybe you have a fairy gardener who comes in the middle of night and plants bulbs. I would rather believe in fairies than early on-set dementia....

downthegardenpath said...

fairies works for me