29 January, 2008

a day at home

this morning found me thinking about bread making during my drowsy state. tim gets up, does his school work, showers, dresses and leaves - it doesn't always register that he's left the bed but he always kisses me good-bye and depending on how awake i am we might chat for a few minutes. this morning he left at 5:15. i dozed after he left reviewing plans for my day, fine tuning a particular project and enjoying the feline decadence of drowsy warmth. and because bread is on my list for today i followed several bunny trails. bread makers i have known and the assortment of memories that each name brought with it -kathy martinson, judy wager, lois halbakken, roxanne and priscilla, sarah brown, lavon mendenhall, naphtali, florence tewksbury who makes the lightest, fluffiest baking powder biscuits in the high plains, the sourdough rye from the farmers market in des moines mmmm. is there anything as evocative as the smell of baking bread?? and i haven't even made mine yet!! today i'll be using sarah's recipe with the addition of some herbs. i need dinner rolls for friday but the question is what shape?? the recipe makes 3 loaves so i can try several things. we'll have clam chowder and fresh bread for supper tonight. mmmmm

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