28 January, 2008

a change in the air

another week gone. i feel that january has gone very slowly. (though my co-workers gasped when i said that the other day) i've been getting things ready to mail - an anniversary in connecticut for jacob and kate on the 31. jacob's birthday on feb. 1. and of course - valentines. i send my packet to the post office in loveland co. to be stamped with their special cachet so it has to go in the mail from here around the 1st. and this year i did watercolors for most of the cards so i had to get an early start and kept thinking isn't it time to mail them, yet?? my grandson will be turning 4 shortly so he's having fun with all the holidays and will enjoy the box of goodies i'm sending. tim's general antipathy towards valentines day has taken on comic proportions over the years - so for a week or 10 days before i do daily cards, or other small gestures just to pile it on....he takes it all in good humor. and i get to indulge an impulse to irritate without causing any damage. the post office is on my list of stops before work today. i finally get to mail jacob and kate's package - congratulations to you. and the birthday card will go out also.
we've had nice weather for the last several days. charlie and i have been walking outside - rather than on the treadmill. we both prefer outside walking. tim grilled yesterday. and if they could somehow reproduce the smell of charcoal smoke for men's cologne... the birds are becoming rather active and noisy in the backyard. my finches are still coming to the feeder but the gackles are starting to look for nesting spots. and yes, i thumbed through a seed catalogue yesterday. turned the corners on more than a few pages. i thought about plans for that side of the garage with the hollyhocks while i enjoyed that half-dozing state before i actually roused myself from bed (one of my favorite and most productive times of the day). i have 'herb garden' on my mind for this year's major project and find my self playing with designs and locations at odd times through the day.

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Jakob said...

And they were all very cute(the cards)