29 October, 2010

Caught napping

Today was pretty much a wasted day.  October has been spent in a seemingly unending cycle of current homework, homework that would be due while we were away, and homework that would be due on our return, and, of course, the new round of current assignments.  Plus work and daily household responsibilities.  (sidebar:  Tim has graciously done all and I do mean ALL the mowing this season.  You don't know how much I've appreciated that)

We are leaving again on Wednesday, so this week has been no exception.  Today - well - let's just say that today was less than productive. 

Jacob and Kate are expecting us for a few days out east.  We've requested a day in NYC and plan to take the train into the city.  I'm looking forward to the trip. 

I've finally downloaded the pictures from the quick getaway  Tim and I made a few weeks ago (which was wonderful).  The pictures from our trip with Naphtali and Aidan (always a treat).  And 2 of my three biology experiments. 

I hope you're ready for this because I am actually going to post something rarely seen on the North American continent:  That's Lake Odessa behind me, taken by Tim back when we made our trip.
I'll catch up again sometime soonish....


Valerie said...

So good to see a post by/from you! Your hair looks great as does the scenery behind you. Have a wonderful trip east.

bethany said...

Oh, I so feel you on the homework! This last week I was such a homework hermit it was disgusting. I blame midterms. :)

Lake Odessa looks sooo relaxing. Jealous! :)

Anonymous said...

Just for a second I thought that was a picture of Naphtali. But wait...it was a picture of you. You could pass as Naphtali's sister! Lookin' good girl.