22 February, 2010

getting a start

There is no 'theme" today -- rather a good reflection of how I feel -- just an attempt to catch up, start a new week, organize random thoughts, and satisfy that nagging at the back of mind that I should get a new post done.
Naphtali has referenced the upcoming art fair at Aidan's school. It sounds like a lot of work but she tends to thrive in busy situations and will no doubt have another successful venture.
We had snow again over the weekend. I hope to have my winter boot problem solved in the next few days. What winter boot problem, you ask, breathlessly? Gotta love LLBeans policy of keeping customers happy. For whatever reason at whatever time send it back.
For the past 5 years I have worn a pair of "stormchaser slip-ons" and hated the way I had to force my foot past the cuff to put them on. Everything else was fine - good product - I just didn't like the entry process. Their catalog says I can return anything - anytime. So I did. Finally. A couple weeks ago, thinking we had a lull in our snowfall, I sent them back. Ordered a different boot, which will start its trip back to Maine on the UPS truck today. Passing my latest replacement, on its way to me, somewhere along the road. There should still be snow to greet them when they arrive.

This was the spot I was going to show you the orchid Tim gave me for valentines day but I just realized I haven't loaded it from my camera and I'm not going to take the time to mess with it now so you'll just have to check back to see if I get it together.......

And that will be all for this morning.....

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naphtali said...

hey mom. how are you? i tink you sould sell your leaves at the art fair. or just hang out. james will be in TX then.